Jacob Jankowski would support a boycott because he is very loyal. An example of Jacobs’ loyalty that stands out most is when he stays on the circus train to help his paralyzed friend, Camel, find his family again. If Jacob hadn’t hid Camel and taken care of him, Camel would have been kicked off the train because he was ‘wasting space.’ Jacob stayed on the train to help Camel despite his desperation to get away from the circus: he loved his boss’ wife, she was pregnant with his baby, and his boss abusively lashed out randomly at both of them at any given time. Jacob knew he owed his friend something, after all, if it weren’t for Camel, Jacob would have never gotten his job. Since Jacob is so loyal, he stayed on the train to protect his friend from being ‘red lighted.’ This loyalty would carry through with his country in the Olympics; Jacob would not want anybody from the United States feeling in danger the way Camel did when he was paralyzed.