#4 Style



1. In the first quotation, "Everything is gray. Except for the dark blue workers and their burned-red hands" (279), the author uses imagery. The imagery in this quote displays how uniform everything is within the Society, and the equality as well (seen by the fact that they wear uniforms). It also triggers a sense of sympathy in the reader’s mind because the colour of gray makes them think of dark and plain things that will not change. The reader pictures people being treated cruelly and working too hard in horrible conditions. The author uses this vivid imagery to help exaggerate her point about the work that Aberrations must do.
The second quotation "My heart will always fly his name. I won't go gentle. I'll find a way to soar like the angels in the stories and I will find him" (320) shows an allusion. This literary device enhances the quotation because it reveals some of Cassia’s characteristics. She shows that she will do the impossible for Ky and that she is curious about the past and knows stories contain information about it.

In the novel, the protagonist has grown and developed grotesquely. Cassia was naive at the start of the novel, blindly allowing the Society complete control over her. As she was hit hard by love later in the novel, she proves her stubborn and rebellious personality. She is bold as a King and knows what she wants. Cassia is willing to break the rules for the ones she loves, and does anything that feels right without thinking twice.
Blindly allowing Society complete control: hyperbole -she knew they were preventing freedom but did not think much of it because it did not have a big effect on her (she had never seen a life with freedom, therefore did not have the feeling of missing out)
Bold as a king: simile
Hit hard by love: personification/hyperbole
She breaks rules for the ones she loves: understatement

"I know it's hard to fight against a current as strong as the Society." 278
"Everything is gray. Except for the dark blue workers and their burned-red hands." 279
"No one fits in exactly the way he does; no one else has mastered the art of being exactly average so well." 285
"The strong survive. Natural selection. With help from our Gods, of course - the Officials." 288
"I have to know more about his story. I have to know if I did the right thing." 288
"red is the first colour of spring. It's the real colour of rebirth. Of beginning." 289 -the red pill makes them forget
"I think of... the red of his hands the day before in the nutrition disposal center and the new beginning I hope I have given him." 289
"no one will ever know that I fell. No one will know what happened until it is too late." 291 -why does it matter? until it's too late for what?
"Are you sure there aren't any changes you want to make before the sort is implemented?" 291
"It wasn't a warning for anyone. The trees simply needed to come down." 296
"It's too hard to have other lives in your hands." 297
paragraph on page 297 about farmers rebellion
paragraph on page 300 about Cassia's desire for freedom
"I think the Society is having trouble with their war on the borders." 301
"My data had been entered into the Matching pool." 302
"She lied. The error was much bigger than she said it was." 302
"Don't say that it was me, because then I will know that you saw me because they told you to look."  303 -their love is not pure, the Officials made it happen, just like everything else
"Ky's love for me, which I thought was pure and unblemished by any Officials or data or Matching pools, is not. They have touched even this." 303
"My portions have been getting smaller. What purpose does that serve? Am I too fat?" 304
"Things are wrong everywhere." 304
"Did some part of him know this was happening? Is that why he challenged Ky to the games?" 305-306 -Xander recognizes their love
"he was the one you chose to see." 307
"I think Xander can teach you." 314 -Xander knows how to use a compass?
"It will help you find me." 315 -Ky gives her his artifact (compass) to help her find him if he moves to an outer province
"I see they've locked Ky's hands together. Just like they did in the picture." 318 - this has happened before in the Outer Province
"He knew. He's not just leaving for a new work position; he's going somewhere and he doesn't think he'll come back." 319
"My heart will always fly his name. I won't go gentle. I'll find a way to soar like the angels in the stories and I will find him." 320
"they're sending them to the Outer Provinces to fight." 322
"All it does is clear your mind." 326 - they are manipulated
"So we forget what happened to Ky, so we forget that the Enemy is winning the war in the Outer Provinces, that the villagers there are all dead." 326
"She wants me to remember what happened here. What I've done." 328
"There, in the middle of the map, fat and happy, sit the large plump shapes of the Provinces. And around their edges are all the Outer Provinces, the lines dividing them into sections, but none of them named." 337
"You knew he was more than he pretended to be." 340
"It was time for this little experiment to end anyway." 341 -treated like animals
"It was no mistake." 342 -Society doesn't make mistakes
"We even reduced your meal portions to see if that would make you more stressed, more likely to give up. But you didn't." 342
"you're strong. You never did take the green tablet." 342
"It was all planned from the start. Everything." 343
"She doesn't know about the kiss." 345
"That moment on the Hill is still ours, mine and Ky's." 345
"Somewhere Ky keeps faith with me and I can do the same for him. I won't give up." 345
"They do not know that Xander hid the artifact, that Ky can write, that Grandfather gave me poetry." 346
"She doesn't know who put Ky into the Matching pool. If the officials didn't, who did?" 346
"I realize that, in so many ways, Xander is the one who made it possible for me to love Ky." 354
"What other bad things lie beneath the surface of our Borough?" 359
"I'm a sorter by nature... All the information adds up to something being wrong." 361
"My words never last long. I have to destroy them before anyone sees them. But. I remember them all." 366
1. The main conflict throughout the novel is love. Although it involves three characters, it is mostly an internal conflict within the protagonist, Cassia. She knows that Xander is the only boy she can have in her life, yet she seems to be falling for Ky. It is a dilemma because she loves both boys in a different way, and the Society does not allow her the freedom to have a future with Ky as they do Xander. She constantly finds herself thinking about the wrong person, and can not get him out of her head. This is shown in the quotation "I relax and let my thoughts go where they want, which is to Ky" (220). The significance of this internal conflict that Cassia experiences is the overprotection in the Society causing its members to resent it. As a result of Society’s total control, characters are unable to express themselves emotionally. In the quote "I let myself imagine futures than can never be, the two of us together" (259) Cassia shows not only her inner conflict, but her conflict with Society. She is conflicted within herself because she knows she can not love two boys at once, while she is conflicted with Society because the man in her future is chosen for her - and it’s not necessarily the right man.

1) Are citizens deprived of freedom in the Society? - Citizens are being fed small bits of freedom right before they snap. Although it works for now, eventually the people will notice. Some have already started to.

2) Members begin to question their trust of the Society and it’s officials. - Members are realizing they are being lied to and controlled. This could cause questioning and control to be lost.

3) Is Society becoming corrupt? - Citizens are beginning to lose trust, notice mistakes, long for freedom, gain curiosity; nothing good is in store.

4) Members wish for the fall of Society and of it’s systems. - Members want to choose who they love, where they work, and when they die. They don’t like having their lives chosen and regulated for them by the Society.

5) Action must be taken to increase protection within Society in order to prevent curiosity of the past. - Some members are beginning to think of life before the Society - could it have been better?
"Is he teaching her to write?" 187 jealousy
"Is there a safe place anywhere in this Borough? In this City, this Province, this world?" 189
"He rarely makes eye contact with us, choosing instead to look past us" "I don't know wether he intends to make us feel at ease or uncomfortable. So far he's doing the latter." 190 officials are an unnecessary presence
"My father sometimes bends the rules for those he loves." 191 so does Cassia
"my portions seem to be smaller lately." 193
"I have to stop thinking about Ky." 194
"It's not the same when you're being watched." 195 Xander and Cassia feel uncomfortable around the officials and cannot show affection because they are always being watched
"Because I read things I shouldn't read and learn things I'm not meant to know and I might be falling in love with someone else." 195 she is paranoid of the officials catching her
"Is falling in love with someone's story the same thing as falling in love with the person himself?" 196
"Ky is already an Aberration. If they find out he has an artifact, will he become an Anomaly?" 199
"how can I let them take the last piece of his old life?" 200 - why did Ky need a compass in his old life? what does it symbolize?
"What I risk has a limit. I won't risk Bram." 203
"But there are words in our heads that no one knows. And my grandfather died on his terms, not yours. We have things of value but you can never find them because you don't even know how to look." 205 officials think there is nothing of value in their home -no material value
"When it rains I remember" 207
"How does he know?" 211 Ky sees everything
"It's good to see you jealous once in a while." 213
"I've been watching people for a very long time." 213
"part of me worried that she would stay away forever." 217 -doesn't trust the officials, thinks they might take away her mom
"Her face looks pale and tired." 218
"Maybe he because he couldn't stand to see the pain in our faces and remember that he had caused the same pain in others." 219
"I relax and let my thoughts go where they want, which is to Ky." 220
"I realize that I do not know anything about loss." 221 -overprotected by Society
"His parents died. He saw it happen. Death came from the sky, and that's what he remembers. Every time it rains." 223
"Is there a trace of challenge in Xander's voice?" 224 -maybe senses something bad about Ky
"Ky loses the games on purpose." 226
"He knows the officials watch us. He knows they're looking for people who can play well." 227 -why does Ky avoid attention from the officials? he seems smarter than others
"He knows exactly how to play, and that's why he loses every time."
"Sundays are for work" 231
"I realize that in seeing the missing tablet, I haven't seen an example of her weakness but an example of her strength." 233 admiration for her mother
"His face tightens. 'I have to.'" 237
"I'm falling in love. I am in love. And it's not with Xander, although I do love him. I'm sure of that, as sure as I am of the fact that what I feel for Ky is something different." 238
"wish for the fall of the Society and its systems" 238
"I cannot go gently now." 241 -what does that mean
"Would you say next that people should be able to choose how many children they have, and where they want to live? Or when they want to die?" 246
"that was a mistake. Another one it seems." 247
"You haven't committed an infraction, Cassia. Yet." 247
"they are giving us pieces of a real life instead of the whole thing." "I don't want my life to be samples and scraps. A taste of everything but a meal of nothing." 249
important paragraph on 249 about freedom
"they were too much to carry so I left them behind" 250 Ky couldn't carry the burden
"He's coloured his hands red" 250 red-handed=guilty
"His parent's blood on his hands from all those years ago, even though he did not kill them." 250 - he could have killed them; reason for why he's an abberation; he is smart and would've been able to cover up
"The hands of the officials are red, too." 250 - are they guilty too?
"My official. She came for him too." 250 - what is the connection between Cassia, Ky, and this official?
"They're not growing uniformly." 252 - another example of equality in the society
"It's a warning." 253
"It's a warning for me." 254 - did she do something on her trip?
"I don't think the warning is for my mother." 254 - foreshadow?
"I let myself imagine futures than can never be, the two of us together." 259
"now I live in his story. Now I am part of his, and he of mine, and the part we write together sometimes feels like the only part that matters." 266
"What happened when the Officials took him away and the sun was red and low in the sky?" 266
Archivists 267
"No one here wants to know anything about the past." 269
"She's not real. It's generated. The perfect voice. Like all of the singers, in all of the songs." 270
reality of the other provinces 274
"I love you." 275
"Why are some things easier to write than say?" 275

1. In the novel, Matched by Ally Condie, Cassia Maria Reyes has many characteristics. She is very strong, physically and mentally, but is also very curious which leads to some problems with her love life.
Although Cassia is very emotionally strong, she is also very fearful. She often finds herself innocently breaking society rules. Even when it could be for the better, Cassia destroys a poem from her grandfather as well as a napkin containing Ky’s story of his past. Since she knows she is not allowed to own or see any original words (anything not in the list of 100 poems) she gets very stressed easily, and fearful. Because she has such a fear of being in trouble with the officials, Cassia is never able to obtain these important items. She destroys them very soon after reading them to keep herself and her loves ones safe. Her phobia of causing trouble is shown in the quote "I wonder if I will ever have the strength to hold on to something" (page 179).
The at one point in the novel, Cassia reveals her thoughts of Ky in the quotation “His face keeps appearing in my mind, but I know that it's not the society's mistake anymore. It's mine. I'm the one who keeps thinking of him when I should be thinking of Xander” (page 134-135). This shows that Cassia’s very curious nature has led her to bad things. Since she firmly believes that “the society doesn’t make mistakes” (36), Cassia thinks there must be a connection between her and Ky. Although the officials told her that somebody was ‘playing a prank’ and that Ky is an aberration (and therefore could never have a match), Cassia can not let it go. One of her traits is that she falls easily in love, therefore this could cause trouble later in the novel. People in the society may only love who they are matched.

2. Personalized license plate: FEAR LUV
I think this license plate is suitable for the protagonist, Cassia because it has two of the major themes of the novel incorporated into it, which also happen to support her main character traits. It can be taken in a literal sense as well: Cassia fears her love for Ky, and what it will bring.

summer leisure activities
"I'm going to be the first one to the top of this hill." 95 -competition
"Nothing I have ever written or done has made any difference in this world" 96-97
"I hear the sharp snap of a stick near me." 97 -Ky sees her reading the note
"There's a reason they didn't keep this poem. This poem tells you to fight." 98
"I was predicted to finish second." 98
"Were there things he had to run from?" 99
"Eighty is... harder to achieve." 101 -Ky about the province he is from
"the air trains are always on time." 103 -perfect society
Cassia's curiosity about Ky 104
"They can't bring him back without a sample." 108 -Cassia's father 'lost' their tissue sample of their grandfather
"There's no way to get another sample. It's gone. He's gone. Grandfather is really gone." 111
"I'm afraid they haven't sent any extra portions." 111
"The food here is getting cold, possibly losing nutrients." 112
did Ky bring anything with him? 113
"This is as close to perfect as any society has ever managed to get." 114
tablets 117
"You can take it up to once a week without the officials taking special note of it." 117
"You are strong enough to go without it." 119 -her grandfather knows that the society underestimates their strength and tries to control
"this might be part of the reason I am going to see my father today ... to ride on this train with Ky." 124
"Long ago there were genetic mutations, like albinos, but those don't exist anymore." 134
"His face keeps appearing in my mind, but I know that it's not the society's mistake anymore. It's mine. I'm the one who keeps thinking of him when I should be thinking of Xander." 134-135 Cassia is in love with Ky
"I didn't lose it. ... I destroyed it. That day. He made me promise that I would. He wanted to die on his own terms." "He didn't want them to be able to bring him back. He wanted to choose what happened to him." 137
"Whatever I've been feeling for Ky must stop." 138
"Our meals have our specialized vitamins and enrichments and have ta be given to the right person." 145
"Aberrations aren't allowed to carry tablets of their own." 151
"the datatags they've attached to me might tell a different story, thanks to my racing pulse." 154
"She wanted to see the city as soon as possible." 160 -the only way for someone to see another city or move is if their match lives somewhere else
People in the new society do not know how to hand write, neither are they allowed to. Pens and pencils do not exist. 170
two lives 177
"I wonder if I will ever have the strength to hold on to something." 179 -fear of the officials
"I saw for the first time that life could branch into different paths, take different directions." 185

1. In the novel Matched by Ally Conde, the characters live in a futuristic ‘Society’ which everyone thinks is good, although they have seen nothing different. The quotation ”The Society doesn't make mistakes" (page 36) suggests that the Society created by officials is a utopia. The officials have complete control of everything and have never failed to reach a goal. The Society appears to be perfect to the citizens, but is actually dystopian. The Society chooses everyones destiny. Officials decide who you love, where you work, and when you die. In addition, the Society knows everything about everyone. They are all monitored. Their calories are moderated, their dreams are recorded, and everything within their homes is on surveillance at all times. For example, when Cassia chose her dress for her matching ceremony, the cashier said "That's the one you were most likely to pick. Your personal data indicated it, and so did general psychology" (page 25). This idea of a perfect Society has affected the protagonist, Cassia Maria Reyes, immensely thus far. She has already been ‘matched’ with Xander, but the microcard (contains all background information) she received displayed a photo of Ky, a boy she goes to Second School with. This worries Cassia to full extent but she can’t do anything about it because the Society will not let her tell anybody what happened (other than her grandfather who was having his death ceremony the next day). Since the Society does not make mistakes, Cassia worries she may have more than one match.

2. Very important physical objects in the novel include air trains, microcards, ports and artifacts. An air train is similar to the magnetic trains in China in terms of its functioning. They are the only means of transportation in the Society and they have stops everywhere in every city. The air train shows the geographical location that the novel takes place in because it is evidence that the land must be very flat all throughout the society for it to function. The fact that the air train is the only transportation and picks people up everywhere must mean that the society is much like a city and very industrialized. The microcard is a chip that each person has containing all of their background information and basically has their whole life on one small device. Microcards reveal the occupations and daily manner of living of every citizen. The microcard is similar to Multivac, in that it knows everything about everyone. The time period in which the novel takes place can be seen by the invention of the port. Every house has a port: a device which takes video surveillance for the officials as well as reads microcards. In the novel, Cassia states that in her home ”[She’s] never really alone; the port hums in the background, keeping track, keeping watch" (page 33). The port is such an advanced piece of technology that it shows the novel must be set in the very distant future. Lastly, the artifact is an item of any kind that is carried by the characters. Each character is allowed only one artifact at all times. Many characters’ artifacts are momentos of their religion or a memory of their grandparents. Artifacts within the novel can reveal the general environment of the characters. These physical objects (air trains, microcards, ports and artifacts) are essential to the setting of the work and each represent a specific element of the setting.
Dystopian but characters believe they are living in a utopian society
first person narrative
In the Society, officials decide who you love, where you work, and when you die.
Matching banquet: Society chooses who will marry who
"Inside the box is a microcard with background information about her match." 12
"I like the idea that, for one night, I don't look like everyone else." 13
Cassia Maria Reyes - main character
"There is no luck in the Society" 18
"If you are chooses to be Matched, your marriage contract will take place when you are twenty-one. Studies have shown that the fertility of both men and women peaks at the age of twenty-four. The Matching System has been constructed to allow those who match to have their children near this age-providing for the highest likelihood of healthy offspring." 17-18
marriage contract
curfew by Society 21
tablets/pills taken by everyone nobody knows what the red tablets do 22
"I wonder what my dreams look like on paper, in numbers. Someone out there knows, but it isn't me." 23
moderated calories by the Society
"'That's the one you were most likely to pick,' she said. 'Your personal data indicated it, and so did general psycology.'" 25
free rec time - everything is arranged and there is a set schedule and job for everyone in the Society
everyone in "Second School" must work on Saturdays
"You never know when technology might fail. That's what happened to the society before ours. Everyone had technology, too much of it, and the consequences were disastrous." 31
"I'm never really alone; the port hums in the background, keeping track, keeping watch." 33
"The Society doesn't make mistakes." 36
"One of the guidelines said that we are allowed to express physical affection. If we want." 38
"Higher-level officials carry extra" 43 - the Society has everyone believing they are all equal when there is a clear hierarchy
aberrations vs anomalies 46
Ky Markham (Aberration) appears on Cassia's microcard as her match causing her to be afraid as it is well known that the Society doesn't make mistakes -could she have more than one match?
"she would ask you if you wondered." 67
"It is grandfather's eightieth birthday, so tonight he will die." 69
"When you see our Society like this, it's hard not to feel proud. Which of course is the point." 89
Ky cries during the movie where they show life before the Society 91 how does he relate?