1. In the novel, Matched by Ally Condie, Cassia Maria Reyes has many characteristics. She is very strong, physically and mentally, but is also very curious which leads to some problems with her love life.
Although Cassia is very emotionally strong, she is also very fearful. She often finds herself innocently breaking society rules. Even when it could be for the better, Cassia destroys a poem from her grandfather as well as a napkin containing Ky’s story of his past. Since she knows she is not allowed to own or see any original words (anything not in the list of 100 poems) she gets very stressed easily, and fearful. Because she has such a fear of being in trouble with the officials, Cassia is never able to obtain these important items. She destroys them very soon after reading them to keep herself and her loves ones safe. Her phobia of causing trouble is shown in the quote "I wonder if I will ever have the strength to hold on to something" (page 179).
The at one point in the novel, Cassia reveals her thoughts of Ky in the quotation “His face keeps appearing in my mind, but I know that it's not the society's mistake anymore. It's mine. I'm the one who keeps thinking of him when I should be thinking of Xander” (page 134-135). This shows that Cassia’s very curious nature has led her to bad things. Since she firmly believes that “the society doesn’t make mistakes” (36), Cassia thinks there must be a connection between her and Ky. Although the officials told her that somebody was ‘playing a prank’ and that Ky is an aberration (and therefore could never have a match), Cassia can not let it go. One of her traits is that she falls easily in love, therefore this could cause trouble later in the novel. People in the society may only love who they are matched.

2. Personalized license plate: FEAR LUV
I think this license plate is suitable for the protagonist, Cassia because it has two of the major themes of the novel incorporated into it, which also happen to support her main character traits. It can be taken in a literal sense as well: Cassia fears her love for Ky, and what it will bring.



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