1. The main conflict throughout the novel is love. Although it involves three characters, it is mostly an internal conflict within the protagonist, Cassia. She knows that Xander is the only boy she can have in her life, yet she seems to be falling for Ky. It is a dilemma because she loves both boys in a different way, and the Society does not allow her the freedom to have a future with Ky as they do Xander. She constantly finds herself thinking about the wrong person, and can not get him out of her head. This is shown in the quotation "I relax and let my thoughts go where they want, which is to Ky" (220). The significance of this internal conflict that Cassia experiences is the overprotection in the Society causing its members to resent it. As a result of Society’s total control, characters are unable to express themselves emotionally. In the quote "I let myself imagine futures than can never be, the two of us together" (259) Cassia shows not only her inner conflict, but her conflict with Society. She is conflicted within herself because she knows she can not love two boys at once, while she is conflicted with Society because the man in her future is chosen for her - and it’s not necessarily the right man.

1) Are citizens deprived of freedom in the Society? - Citizens are being fed small bits of freedom right before they snap. Although it works for now, eventually the people will notice. Some have already started to.

2) Members begin to question their trust of the Society and it’s officials. - Members are realizing they are being lied to and controlled. This could cause questioning and control to be lost.

3) Is Society becoming corrupt? - Citizens are beginning to lose trust, notice mistakes, long for freedom, gain curiosity; nothing good is in store.

4) Members wish for the fall of Society and of it’s systems. - Members want to choose who they love, where they work, and when they die. They don’t like having their lives chosen and regulated for them by the Society.

5) Action must be taken to increase protection within Society in order to prevent curiosity of the past. - Some members are beginning to think of life before the Society - could it have been better?


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