Dystopian but characters believe they are living in a utopian society
first person narrative
In the Society, officials decide who you love, where you work, and when you die.
Matching banquet: Society chooses who will marry who
"Inside the box is a microcard with background information about her match." 12
"I like the idea that, for one night, I don't look like everyone else." 13
Cassia Maria Reyes - main character
"There is no luck in the Society" 18
"If you are chooses to be Matched, your marriage contract will take place when you are twenty-one. Studies have shown that the fertility of both men and women peaks at the age of twenty-four. The Matching System has been constructed to allow those who match to have their children near this age-providing for the highest likelihood of healthy offspring." 17-18
marriage contract
curfew by Society 21
tablets/pills taken by everyone nobody knows what the red tablets do 22
"I wonder what my dreams look like on paper, in numbers. Someone out there knows, but it isn't me." 23
moderated calories by the Society
"'That's the one you were most likely to pick,' she said. 'Your personal data indicated it, and so did general psycology.'" 25
free rec time - everything is arranged and there is a set schedule and job for everyone in the Society
everyone in "Second School" must work on Saturdays
"You never know when technology might fail. That's what happened to the society before ours. Everyone had technology, too much of it, and the consequences were disastrous." 31
"I'm never really alone; the port hums in the background, keeping track, keeping watch." 33
"The Society doesn't make mistakes." 36
"One of the guidelines said that we are allowed to express physical affection. If we want." 38
"Higher-level officials carry extra" 43 - the Society has everyone believing they are all equal when there is a clear hierarchy
aberrations vs anomalies 46
Ky Markham (Aberration) appears on Cassia's microcard as her match causing her to be afraid as it is well known that the Society doesn't make mistakes -could she have more than one match?
"she would ask you if you wondered." 67
"It is grandfather's eightieth birthday, so tonight he will die." 69
"When you see our Society like this, it's hard not to feel proud. Which of course is the point." 89
Ky cries during the movie where they show life before the Society 91 how does he relate?


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