"I know it's hard to fight against a current as strong as the Society." 278
"Everything is gray. Except for the dark blue workers and their burned-red hands." 279
"No one fits in exactly the way he does; no one else has mastered the art of being exactly average so well." 285
"The strong survive. Natural selection. With help from our Gods, of course - the Officials." 288
"I have to know more about his story. I have to know if I did the right thing." 288
"red is the first colour of spring. It's the real colour of rebirth. Of beginning." 289 -the red pill makes them forget
"I think of... the red of his hands the day before in the nutrition disposal center and the new beginning I hope I have given him." 289
"no one will ever know that I fell. No one will know what happened until it is too late." 291 -why does it matter? until it's too late for what?
"Are you sure there aren't any changes you want to make before the sort is implemented?" 291
"It wasn't a warning for anyone. The trees simply needed to come down." 296
"It's too hard to have other lives in your hands." 297
paragraph on page 297 about farmers rebellion
paragraph on page 300 about Cassia's desire for freedom
"I think the Society is having trouble with their war on the borders." 301
"My data had been entered into the Matching pool." 302
"She lied. The error was much bigger than she said it was." 302
"Don't say that it was me, because then I will know that you saw me because they told you to look."  303 -their love is not pure, the Officials made it happen, just like everything else
"Ky's love for me, which I thought was pure and unblemished by any Officials or data or Matching pools, is not. They have touched even this." 303
"My portions have been getting smaller. What purpose does that serve? Am I too fat?" 304
"Things are wrong everywhere." 304
"Did some part of him know this was happening? Is that why he challenged Ky to the games?" 305-306 -Xander recognizes their love
"he was the one you chose to see." 307
"I think Xander can teach you." 314 -Xander knows how to use a compass?
"It will help you find me." 315 -Ky gives her his artifact (compass) to help her find him if he moves to an outer province
"I see they've locked Ky's hands together. Just like they did in the picture." 318 - this has happened before in the Outer Province
"He knew. He's not just leaving for a new work position; he's going somewhere and he doesn't think he'll come back." 319
"My heart will always fly his name. I won't go gentle. I'll find a way to soar like the angels in the stories and I will find him." 320
"they're sending them to the Outer Provinces to fight." 322
"All it does is clear your mind." 326 - they are manipulated
"So we forget what happened to Ky, so we forget that the Enemy is winning the war in the Outer Provinces, that the villagers there are all dead." 326
"She wants me to remember what happened here. What I've done." 328
"There, in the middle of the map, fat and happy, sit the large plump shapes of the Provinces. And around their edges are all the Outer Provinces, the lines dividing them into sections, but none of them named." 337
"You knew he was more than he pretended to be." 340
"It was time for this little experiment to end anyway." 341 -treated like animals
"It was no mistake." 342 -Society doesn't make mistakes
"We even reduced your meal portions to see if that would make you more stressed, more likely to give up. But you didn't." 342
"you're strong. You never did take the green tablet." 342
"It was all planned from the start. Everything." 343
"She doesn't know about the kiss." 345
"That moment on the Hill is still ours, mine and Ky's." 345
"Somewhere Ky keeps faith with me and I can do the same for him. I won't give up." 345
"They do not know that Xander hid the artifact, that Ky can write, that Grandfather gave me poetry." 346
"She doesn't know who put Ky into the Matching pool. If the officials didn't, who did?" 346
"I realize that, in so many ways, Xander is the one who made it possible for me to love Ky." 354
"What other bad things lie beneath the surface of our Borough?" 359
"I'm a sorter by nature... All the information adds up to something being wrong." 361
"My words never last long. I have to destroy them before anyone sees them. But. I remember them all." 366


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