#4 Style



1. In the first quotation, "Everything is gray. Except for the dark blue workers and their burned-red hands" (279), the author uses imagery. The imagery in this quote displays how uniform everything is within the Society, and the equality as well (seen by the fact that they wear uniforms). It also triggers a sense of sympathy in the reader’s mind because the colour of gray makes them think of dark and plain things that will not change. The reader pictures people being treated cruelly and working too hard in horrible conditions. The author uses this vivid imagery to help exaggerate her point about the work that Aberrations must do.
The second quotation "My heart will always fly his name. I won't go gentle. I'll find a way to soar like the angels in the stories and I will find him" (320) shows an allusion. This literary device enhances the quotation because it reveals some of Cassia’s characteristics. She shows that she will do the impossible for Ky and that she is curious about the past and knows stories contain information about it.

In the novel, the protagonist has grown and developed grotesquely. Cassia was naive at the start of the novel, blindly allowing the Society complete control over her. As she was hit hard by love later in the novel, she proves her stubborn and rebellious personality. She is bold as a King and knows what she wants. Cassia is willing to break the rules for the ones she loves, and does anything that feels right without thinking twice.
Blindly allowing Society complete control: hyperbole -she knew they were preventing freedom but did not think much of it because it did not have a big effect on her (she had never seen a life with freedom, therefore did not have the feeling of missing out)
Bold as a king: simile
Hit hard by love: personification/hyperbole
She breaks rules for the ones she loves: understatement



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